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Hotel Castello di Sinio is located right in the heart of the Barolo and Barbaresco wine producing areas. The area is called Le Langhe and it is home to about 750 wineries that produce 2 of the 10 most important wines in the world. We are locaed within 5 to 10 minutes of all the major Barolo producers and within about 20 minutes of all the major Barbaresco producers. If you are interested in wine you'll want to learn more about Barolos and Barbarescos and visiting our area is the best way to do it. If you already know and love Barolos or Barbarescos, a wine tasting visit to Le Langhe will deepen your appreciation and enhance your wine buying and drinking experience.


ALL winery visits and Tastings in our area are done by appointment, arranged in advance. With VERY few exceptions, the wineries here do NOT have posted hours of operation or have staffed tasting rooms. Someone at the winery, almost always part of the wine making family and who most certainly wears multiple hats, makes a specific effort to receive and host you. So it is necessary to book in advance, be on time & NEVER be a No Show!! Allow apx 2 hours per visit & 15 to 20 minutes drive time between different villages.

From our Insider experience, we can tell you that the BEST way to end up with the winery visits that you'd like is for YOU to contact the winery in advance. Even though we are more than happy to assist you once you've arrived here in the hotel, the truth is that is NOT the best way. The most valuable help we can give you is to unlock the world of Piemontese wine tasting by telling you how things work here and supplying the comprehensive list of wineries with contact information below. Click & Request!


Barolo zone – 5 minutes from the hotel

Rivetto - Loc. Lirano, no. 2, +39 0173 613380
Our favorite wine family & neighbors.Extremely hospitable & friendly, make GREAT wine & open Sat & Sun!!


Barolo zone & 10 minutes from the hotel

Ceretto – Loc. San Cassiano, 34 +39 0173 282582
set up to receive guests for any of their 3 wineries, MUST reserve, asks small fee

Prunotto – Reg. San Cassiano, 4G +39 0173 280017
very receptive to taking appointments for visits

Pio Cesare – via Cesare Balbo, 6 Alba centro +39 0173 440386
generally open only to the trade, may require help from your importer or wine store

Mauro Sebaste – Fraz. Gallo via Garibaldi, 22bis +39 0173 262148
very welcoming, open also saturdays & sundays which is a rarity!

Poderi Colla – Loc, San Rocco Seno d'Elvio, 82 +39 0173 290148

Pietro Rinaldi - Loc. Madonna del Como, 86 +39 0173 228065
Excellent, new producer, one of our "house wines", young, fun, speaks english!


Barolo zone & 15 minutes from the hotel

Silvio Grasso - Fraz. Annunziata, Cascina Luciani, no. 112, +39 0173 50322

Mauro Molino - Fraz. Annunziata, B.Ta. Gancia, no. 111, +39 0173 50814

Renato Ratti - Fraz. Annunziata, no. 7, + 39 0173 50185

Mauro Veglio - Fraz. Annunziata, Cascina Nuova, no. 50, +39 0173 509212

Elio Altare - Fraz. Annunziata, Cascina Nuova, no. 51, +39 0173 50835
assistance from your importer or wine shop will be helpful

Oddero - Fraz. Santa Maria via Tetti, no. 28, +39 0173 50618

Gianni Voerzio - S.da Loreto, no. 1, +39 0173 509194
gives appointments ONLY to the trade, Sorry

Enzo Boglietti - via Roma, no.37, +39 0173 50330

F.lli Revello – Fraz. Annunziata, no.103, +39 0173 50276

Renato Corino – B.TA. Pozzo, no.49A, +39 0173 500349
one of our favorite producers, currently our number 1 nebbiolo,

Rocche Costamagna – via Vittorio Emanuele, no.8, +39 0173 509225


Barolo zone & 15 minutes from the hotel

Giacomo Borgogno & F.lli - via Gioberti, no. 1, +39 0173 56108

E.Pira Chiara Boschis - via Vittorio Veneto, no. 1, +39 0173 56247

G.D Vajra - Loc. Vergne, via delle Viole, no. 25, +39 0173 56257

Luciano Sandrone - via Pugnane, no. 4, +39 0173 560023

Bartolo Mascarello via Roma, no.15, +39 0173 56125

Marchesi di Barolo - via Alba, no. 12, +39 0173 564400
walk-in tastings possible, winery visit requires appointment


Barolo zone & 15 minutes from the hotel

Elio Grasso - Loc. Ginestra, no. 40, +39 0173 78491
request for visits well in advance recommended

Podere Ruggeri Corsini - Loc. Bussia Corsini, no. 106, +39 0173 78625

F.lli Seghesio - Loc. Castelletto, no. 19, +39 0173 78108

Conterno Fantino - via Ginestra, no. 34, +39 0173 78204 www,

Giacomo Conterno -Loc. Ornati, no. 2, +39 0173 78221 generally, only open to the trade

Domenico Clerico, Loc. Manzoni, no. 67, +39 0173 78171
request well in advance, does only one tasting a day at 5pm

Aldo Conterno - Loc. Bussia, no. 48, + 39 0173 78150

Attilio Ghisolfi - Loc. Bussia, no. 27, + 39 0173 78345

Armando Parusso - Loc. Bussia, no. 55, +39 0173 78257

Bartolo Mascarello via Roma, no. 15, Barolo +39 0173 56125


Barolo zone & 7 minutes from the hotel

La Spinetta - via Diano D'Alba, no. 17, +39 0173 262291
requests for visits well in advance recommended, may require help of your importer


Barolo zone & 10 minutes from the hotel

Ettore Germano - Loc. Cerretta, no.1, +39 0173 613528

Paolo Manzone - Loc. Meriame, no, 1, +39 0173 613113
very welcoming

Vigna Rionda Massolino - Piazza Cappellano, no. 8, + 39 0173 613138


Barolo zone & 10 to 15 minutes from the hotel

Vietti -Piazza Vittorio Veneto, no. 5, +39 0173 62825
requests well in advance recommended, will require help from your importer or wine shop

F.lli Cavollotto - Loc. Briccho Boschis +39 0173 62814

Paolo Scavino - Fraz. Garbelletto, no.59, +39 0173 62850
requests for visits well in advance recommended, may require help from your importer or wineshop

Azelia - Fraz. Garbelletto, no. 53, +39 0173 62859

Brovia - Via Alba - Barolo, no. 54, +39 0173 62852


Barbaresco zone & 25 minutes from the hotel

Collina Serragrilli - Loc. Serragrilli, no.3

Sottimano - Fraz. Cotta', no. 21, +39 0173 635186

Prinis – via Gaia, no. 5, +39 0173 67192

Paitin – Loc. Bricco via Serra Boella, no. 20, +39 0173 67343

Piero Busso – via Albesani, no. 8, +39 0173 67156


Barbaresco zone & 20 minutes from the hotel

Produttori del Barbaresco – via Torino, no. 54, +39 0173 635139
walk-in tastings accepted, must reserve for a visit and tour of the winery

Marchesi di Gresy – C.da Martinenga, no. 21, +39 0173 635222

Gaja – via Torino, no. 18, + 39 0173 635158
Available strictly to the trade, you will need help from your importer, not advised for less than the serious collector, unfortunately & even then you MUST email your request 2 weeks to 1 month in advance, they do not accept phone requests

Ca' Rome' Romano Marengo - via Rabaja, no. 86/88, +39 0173 635126

Cantina del Pino – via Ovello, no. 31, +39 0173 635147

Giuseppe Cortese - via Rabaja, no. 80, +39 0173 635131

Moccagatta - via Rabaja, no. 46, +39 0173 635228

Albino Rocca - S.Da. Ronchi, no. 16/18, +39 0173 635145

Bruno Rocca - via Rabaja, no. 60, +39 0172 635112

Rino Varaldo - via Secondine, no. 2, +39 0173 635160


Barbaresco zone & 20 minutes from the hotel

Rizzi - via Rizzi, no. 15, +39 0173 638161

Ca' del Baio – via Ferrere, no. 33, +39 0173 638219

pelissero – via Ferrere, no. 10, +39 0173 638430

Fiorenzo Nada – Loc. Rombone via Ausario no. 12c, +39 0173 638254

PLEASE NOTE, that we are very happy to assist you with arranging winery appointments ONLY once you have arrived here in the hotel and only for the duration of your stay with us. We are unfortunately unable, for a variety of reasons, including respecting local Producer's wishes, to book winery visits in advance of your arrival.
Insider's Tip: BOOK DIRECTLY YOURSElf via EMAIL. It's what the Producer's Prefer!!!

WINE TASTING TOURS - Guided Full or Half Day

If you would prefer to let someone else do all the organizing, reserving and even driving, we suggest TASTING TOURS with our partner Silvia Aprato. Silvia is a native of the area and for a very reasonable price, will make all the arrangements, pick you up, drive you, be your guide extraordinaire & drop you back off. Silvia is a licensed guide & is very knowledgeable about the area's history, wine & producers. She is also an extremely warm & friendly person and we know you'll love her. We couldn't recommend her and her tours more highly!

TASTING TOURS - 1/2 or full day All Wine or Wine, Cheese & Chocolate or Alternatively you can call Silvia at +39 393 635-3479 on her cell phone. Office - +39 0141 948-467 and Fax +39 0141 184-0116. Be sure to tell Silvia you are a guest at Hotel Castello di Sinio.

No Appointment Needed!

Although wineries do not have posted hours or staffed, open tasting rooms, THAT is the JOB OF THE ENOTECAS! They provide a staffed, open tasting room with posted hours and their job is to represent & promote the wine producers of the village in which they are located. Visiting the Enotecas, is a great way to taste a variety of Barolos & Barbarescos without having to have an appointment and it gets you around the country side to visit the historic medieval wine villages which are extremely characteristic and evocative.

The landscapes right here in our hills are some of the most spectacular in all of Italy. I am originally from Tuscany and as a result I was pretty biased towards that region and it's wines. But I will always remember the first time I gazed across these vistas. It literally took my breath away and I declared it more beautiful than even the Chianti. I still believe it is. The wines and food are better too and the area is more authentic!

So, if you are to understand the wines of the area, you must visit the individual villages from which the wines are born. The soil compositions & micro climates are different from village to village and they impart their particular characteristics to the wines. These are hallowed grounds; Not visiting the villages would be like going to Burgundy and not visiting Chassagne Montrachet or Escheveaux! The fact that there is an Enoteca in just about every village is a huge bonus!!

We also recommend at least a drive through a nearby district called the ROERO, which makes excellent wines as well, most notably Barbera & Nebbiolo, though they can not make Barolo or Barbaresco. For those staying multiple days we enthusiastically recommend a drive through the Roero, also notable for it's many castle's.You may also want to consider going even farther afield and venturing out to even more far-flung wine districts like the Monferrato and Gavi.


Anywhere in the world where you find fine wine, you will enjoy fine cuisine to match. Think of Bordeaux or Burgundy in France. Think of Napa Valley in California. Now think of Barolo or Babaresco and you will get an idea of the gastronomic experience waiting for you here. The number of restaurants and the quality, tradition and creativity of the cuisine they offer is world class.

RESTAURANTS IN OUR AREA OPERATE BY RESERVATION - as you would expect in any important gastronomic area. Therefore, we give you the comprehensive list of nearby resatuarants below so can organize your Wine & Gastronomic adventure in advance. You wouldn't think of going to Napa or New York nor Burgundy or Bordeaux without planning and reserving in advance. You'll want to do the same thing here, gauranteed! Especially during the Truffle Festival in October you MUST book well in advance as the restaurants fill up early.

PLEASE NOTE, we are happy to assist with restaurant reservations ONLY when you have arrived in the hotel and while you are staying with us. We unfortunately can not make restaurant reservations prior to your arrival due to the high number of changes and cancellations that tend to take place after arrival. We really encourage you to plan and reserve before you come but PLEASE RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO DOUBLE BOOK.


To help make Reserving EASY, simply CLICK on the links below. Alternatively, DIAL 39 first for the country code, then dial the area code (0173) and number:


Locanda nel Borgo Antico outside Barolo tel: 0173 56355 (closed tues lunch/wed)
Great service, creative traditional, sylish modern atmosphere in the middle of vineyards.

Piazza Duomo in Alba tel 0173 442-800 (closed sun dinner/mon)
Cucina creativa as they say in Italian, pretty cool, sometimes a bit precious, pink minimalist room.

Antine' in Barbaresco tel: 0173 635-294 (closed wed)
Great refined typical & creative, tiny, atmosphere & service a bit cool

Guido in Pollenzo tel: 0173 458-422 (closed sun/mon)
Good food, some excellent, prices a bit high, ultra modern diningroom in fantastic complex .

Vecchia Tre Stelle in Tre Stelle near Barbaresco tel: 0173 638-192 (closed tues)
Typical w/some creative, nice atmosphere.

Locanda del Pilone in Madonna del Como outside Alba tel: 0173 366-616 (closed tues/wed)
Creative typical, expensive, a bit far & hard to find.


La Coccinella in Serravalle Langhe tel: 0173 748-220 (closed tues/wed lunch)
Refined typical creative in homey but elegant atmosphere. One of our very favorites.

Trattoria Della Posta outside Monforte D'Alba tel:0173 78120 (closed thur/fri lunch)
Refined ultra typical cuisine in homey elegant atmosphere. Another favorite.

Da Cesare in Albaretto della Torre tel: 0173 520-141 (CLOSED!!)
Typical, ecclectic cuisine in a rustic but special atmosphere, fixed price €70 CASH ONLY

Da Felicin in Monforte D'Alba tel: 0173 78225 (closed sun dinner/mon)
Refined typical w/some modernity such as raw fish antipasto. Highly recommended.

Vignaiolo in Santa Maria (La Morra) tel: 0173 50335 (closed wed/thur)
Very good typical done w/care, nice dining room, service & people

Ciau al Tournavento in Treiso tel: 0173 638-352 (closed wed/thurs lunch)
As much creative as typical, a bit uneven but wonderful atmoshpere & view

La Luna nel Pozzo in Neive tel: 0173 67098 (closed tues dinner/wed)
Refined, light, elegant cuisine, nice dining room, higly recommended if you are out in the Barbaresco zone.

Osteria del Arco in Alba center, Piazza Savona tel: 0173 63974 (closed sun/ mon)
Ultra typical,nice dining room, a bit noisy, kinda commericial.

Enoclub in Alba, Piazza Savona tel: 0173 33994 (closed sun dinner/mon) Well done refined tipical, downstairs dining room, brick vaulted ceilings, really nice people.

Belvedere in La Morra tel: 0173 50190 (closed sun dinner/mon)
Typical & solid, soemtimes exciting, somewhat of a view from certain tables.

Ristorante Bovio - Via Alba, 17, La Morra tel:0173 590303 (closed Wed dinner/thurs)
Fantastic terrace & view, pretty good food, do NOT order their wine!

Le Torri Ristorante in Castiglione Falletto tel: 0173 62849 (closed tues/wed for lunch).
Food is well done typical, great pasta! great view & lovely terrace!


Osteria Veglio in Annunziata (La Morra) tel: 0173 509-341 (closed tues/wed lunch)
Very good typical, some creativity, ok dining room, good terrace & so lunch spot!

La Rosa dei Vini in Serralunga tel: 0173 613-219 (closed wed)
Good tipical, w/ great terrace & view in good weather only.

Trattoria Bivio in Albaretto della Torre tel: 0173 520-383 (closed tues)
Above average food, old fashioned & nice dining room, merits a visit.

La CantiNella in Barolo, Piazza del Castello tel: 0173 56267 (closed mon dinner/tues)
Very good typical, gool lunch spot w/outdoor seating.

La Libera in Alba center, via Pertinace tel: 0173 293-155 (closed sun/mon)
Well done typical incl some fish, modernish atmosphere, no outdoor seating as seen in magazine.

Trattoria del Castello in Grinzane Cavour tel: 0173 262-172,(closed tues).
Cuisine is typical refined, nice atmosphere in castle & is closeby


Piola in Alba historical center Piazza Doumo tel: 0173 442-800 (closed sun dinner/mon)
Ultra typical & new, casual, limited choices but easy meal.

Ca' del Lupo in Montelupo Albese tel: 0173 617-249 (closed wed lunch/sun)
Typical food done well & simply, nice view & people.

Cascina Schiavenza in Serralunga tel: 0173 613-115 (closed sun dinner/tues)
Old fashioned food done well, very friendly, spoken menu, Enrica speaks english.

PLEASE NOTE, we are happy to assist with restaurant reservations ONLY when you have arrived in the hotel and while you are staying with us. We unfortunately can not make restaurant reservations prior to your arrival due to the high number of changes and cancellations that tend to take place after arrival. We really encourage you to plan and reserve before you come but PLEASE RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO DOUBLE BOOK.


The photo to the right is our local Sinio pizzaiolo, Walter. His pizzeria, Il Commercio, is just down the village from us and makes for a great, casual, dining choice. He makes the best piazza in the whole area in our opion.

For More Information on Cooking Lessons, Wine Appreciation Lessons, Complete Itineraries, and Structured Tours of Piemonte.

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