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October 16, 2005
"Grazie per la loro fantastica ed indimenticabile accoglienza e complimenti per il loro meraviglioso castello."
Il Principe Vittorio Emmanuele & La Principessa Marina di Savoia

October 2, 2005
"Two fabulous hosts who have combined the best of American spirit and Italian beauty. Thank you for a wonderfully warm welcome and perfect hospitality. We look forward to our next visit!"
Deborah Graze, US Consul General Milan & Steve Montgomery
Milan, Italy

September 18, 2005
"We came, we experienced, we loved the Castello di Sinio!! Thanks for a fabulous visit in your beautiful hotel. Thanks also for your attention to all the detail and the guidance you gave us."
Marcy & Duane DuCharme
Osprey, Florida USA

October 16, 2005
"Thank you for a delightful experience! We will treasure our stay at the castello and think of you often."
Juliette & Hal Basile
San Francisco, CA USA

October 23, 2005
"E stata una belissima sopresa trovarvi! E piu bella dimensione aperta nella nostra vita. Torneremo!!!"
Naty &Lena & Steff

October 24, 2005
"We have had a wonderful stay in your lovely castle. Thank you so much Jay & Denise! Would love to return. Good Luck with this amazing venture! P.S. Thanks for looking after our truffle!"
Mary & David

October 24, 2005
"Wonderful in every way! Couldn't have imagined a more wonderful place and people to meet. We will be back!"
Jim & Jayne Todd
Dalton, CA USA

October 24, 2005
"We have laughed with you. We have learned from you. We have truly experienced Piemonte because you have graciously shared with us your love and knowledge of this wondrous area. Denise, your knowledge, skill and expertise in the kitchen is second to none. Giacomo, your wit and vast knowledge of the Piemontese wines is incredible. We thank you for enriching our lives!"
Steve & Linda Campbell
San Diego, CA USA

October 24, 2005
"We thank you both for making our first visit to Piemonte an experience to be savoured for years to come. Your personal guidance and insights paved the way for us each and every step of the way. We look forward to visiting again and sharing wine and great company."
John & Susan Olenik
San Diego, CA USA

October 30, 2005
"Congratulations to such a beautiful place. We were excited about your hospitality and guidance. Thank you very much. We will return to your lovely castello for more, soon again."
Werner & Ute Degen

November 1, 2005
"Complimenti per la bellissima dimora e la deliziosa ospitalità di James e Denise!"
La Famiglia Rizzi

November 15, 2005
"You realized our food and wine fantasy vacation and then some. It was great to know that the best meals in the Piemonte were only 50 feet from our room! (I'm still swooning from the fonduta con tartufo). Thanks again for pampering us and setting high standards of hospitality and guiding us through the cantinas and restaurants. We look forward to our return. Book us a table in your restaurant...deliscioso!!"
David & Mike
New York City, USA

January 9, 2006
"Thank you for a wonderful stay! The hotel is splendid as are the food and hosts."
Gary & Julia

February 2006
"Thank you so much Denise & James for such a beautiful stay . You are so hospitable and made us feel so welcome and special on our "honeymoon". The place is amazing and is blessed with magnificent hosts! Dinner was delicious - an experience we will always remember. Cheers to new friends!!"
Taryn & Rod
Los Angeles

April 2006
"What a lovely weekend made special by such great hosts! ... who love their jobs and show it! Many thanks!!
Kristine & Ken Aikin

April 23, 2006
Quel charmond sejour! We came to this wonderful place on our annual wine trip and discovered with enjoyment a beautiful landscape, excellent wine, marvelous castle and food and of course the great hospitiality of Denise & James! Like everybody else, we all wish to come back!
Nicole, Natalie, Etienne & friends
Lyon, France

May 19, 2006
"Thank you both so much for a most amazing experience. Your recommendations, hospitality, warmth and generousity made my first trip to Italia an absolutely incredible time. I couldn't have come to a better place. And molto grazie for the evening grappas and chats. Not only are you both good hosts but you are friends. Untl next time..."
Jim Parker
Boynton Beach, FL

May 23, 2006
"Non basterebbe un Poema per esprimere il miracolo come questo e sopratutto dallo splendido connubio ospitalita' - calore umano - raffinata e cercatezza - offerti con genunita' di James and Denise"
Ferrero e Silvia

June 2006
"What a beautiful experience! Your castle is wonderful and you are so gracious. We will always remember out time here."
Laurie & Doug Pecchenino
Santa Clara, CA

June 30, 2006
"To the Hotel Castello di Sinio, where Denise & James practice what Cesar Ritz preached! Such fantastic hospitality "a la Ritz"!
Herve' & Susan Fournier
University Hotelier Cesar Ritz, Lake Geneva

August 31, 2006
"Denise and James,
We've had such a fabulous visit! The property is amazing and so beautiful, the location perfect, but above all else, your hospitality has been so much appreciated. You have made many great memories for us here! We hope to see you again soon."
Carol & Jim Fleter, Marietta, Georgia USA

September 9, 2006
"Dear Denise & James,
You each put so much care and effort into every moment of our stay. Thank you for your great, endearing thoughtfulness. Your castle in Piedmont is a beautiful place indeed. The best of luck - your future will be a bright one!"
Lawerence, Diane and Melissa Castleman, Hamden, CT USA

September 16, 2006
"Thank you so much James and Denise for your great warmth, joie de vivre, and generousity to us all!! You helped us discover Piemonte in the most exuberant way! And your hospitality is something we will remember with joy, ... until we return! Our very best!"
Carla & Phil Reed, Albany, California

September 19, 2006
"Denise & James,
Your are both the perfect hosts. We hate to leave! You have done a wonderful job restoring the castle but what makes the castle is both of you. We hope to return and we will tell all of our friends. Best of Luck, Happiness and Love."
Deborah & Gary Battaglia, New Jersey

September 20, 2006
"Thank you for a sublime visit to one of the most beautiful places in the world. Your generousity and attention to detail in everything you have accomplished here have made this one of the most memorable parts of any of our trips to Europe. Many thanks and best of luck to both of you!"
Paula & Michael Roman, Orlando, FL

September 21, 2006
"Words are not adequate to describe the experience here. It is an exhilarating environment with hosts of the first order. Our stay was far too short, but incredibily memorable. May we see you again."
Marion Juvay & Kenton cobb, Durham, NC, USA

September 22, 2006
"Dear Jay, Denise & Pino the Cat,
Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for helping to make our experience in Italy so enjoyable. Our stay in your wonderful castle was truly magical; all the feeling of being transported to ane era of centuries past while enjoying the most modern and tasteful luxuries of the present. Your guidance and help with our itineraries and your most precise driving directions really enabled us to make the most of our stay last week. Denise, your prowess in the kitchen was impressive and both of your wealths of knowledge of the history and wine of the region elevated our dining experience to a whole new level. In all, this was a transforming and life affirming stay in a most beautiful and relaxing setting. Best of luck with your upcoming endeavors and we hope to visit you in the future. Best Regards."
Gregg and Robin Schweitzer

September 25, 2006
"We had a nice stay in this wonderful castle. James, you are a nice guy, and Denise you cook the best food we tasted here in Piemonte, even better than Davide Palluda. We're going to recommend to all our friends to come here! Thank you for a wonderful experience."
Jan & Nordar Helland, Oslo, Norway

October 4, 2006
"Thank you for a fantastic break. Your attention to detail shows everywhere we turn and your castle is just sublime. You run a very tight ship in a wonderfully laid back manner! We loved every minute."
Dianne and Brian Cavanaugh, Devon, England

October 6, 2005
We want you to know that we had an absolutely wonderful time in Piedmont, due in part to great weather, breath-taking scenery, and top quality food where ever we went, but also in no small measure to your wonderful hospitality. We loved your attention to detail, your friendly and helpful attitude with our luggage situation and your informative directions and advice. We will be back and we will bring lots of friends. Jay, I'm counting on playing golf with you next time!
Austin and Diane Librach, Austin, Texas

October 11, 2006
Denise & Jay,
Below is a story by Frank Bruni in today's New York Times championing the food of Piedmont (even over Emilia-Romagna). We can't imagine how much more praise he would have heaped had he dined at the Castello with you. Carolyn and I (and we speak also for Celeste) had an incredible time in Piedmont. This was mostly because of your wonderful hospitality. Not only have you made the Castello into the perfect combination of modern luxury and traditional beauty, but your unflagging care of your guests (and liberal grappa pours) are remarkable. All of our friends have noted how relaxed and happy we look since returning. We can't wait to come back, so please don't drink all the Barolo or eat all the Tartufi bianco. Hope to see you soon.
Carolyn & Doug Brandon, Washington D.c.

October 23, 2006
Dear James & Denise,
Paula and I would like to thank you for a lovely week at the Castello. You have put your heart and soul into making it a beautiful place to be, but also your knowledge of the area, your connections with people and things to do is amazing. ... We hope to return for another visit in the future. One week was certainly not enough time to explore all the wonderful things about Le Langhe. Kind Regards,
Claudio di Lillo, BelVino Wine Shop, Solon, OH

November 2006
Hello James & Denise:
Well, we've back for three weeks, and Iàve been meaning to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay at Castello di Sinio. We loved the Piemonte, and especially the Castello. Denise's culinary efforts were truly to die for. I have never tasted food so delicious before or since. And the wine selection was suberb. James is the conusmmate host and wine tour organizer.

Milano is great...Tuscany is very nice also, but Piemonte nicer because, I think, it hasn't suffered so much from tourists. Rome is, of course Rome... If I can get shirley to brave the train ride again, we'll be back. The Castello will be our first port of call!
Regards, Frank & Shirley Gunderson

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